Babar Azam Buys Sherwani in India, Rumored to Get Married in December 2023

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2023-11-02: According to recent reports, Pakistani cricket captain Babar Azam has purchased a sherwani in India, sparking speculation that he may get married after the ongoing ODI series ends. Azam was reportedly seen shopping at a high-end designer boutique in Kolkata, where he spent a significant amount of money on a sherwani and jewelry.

This development has come as a surprise to many, as it is unusual for a team captain to engage in wedding shopping during a major tournament. However, Azam’s family has reportedly confirmed that his wedding is scheduled for the end of this year and that he was simply taking advantage of the opportunity to shop for his wedding attire while in India.

Azam’s purchase of a sherwani from an Indian designer is also significant, as it comes at a time when relations between Pakistan and India are strained. However, it is worth noting that Azam has previously expressed his admiration for Indian culture and fashion, and has even worn Indian designer clothes on several occasions.

It is still unclear whether Azam will actually get married immediately after the ODI series ends. However, his purchase of a sherwani and jewelry in India has certainly fueled speculation that he may do so.

Fresh information:

  • Babar Azam purchased ‘Rs. 7 Lakh’ Sabyasachi Sherwani in India
  • According to a recent report by Pakistani news outlet Samaa TV, Azam’s wedding is rumored to be scheduled for December 2023.
  • The report also claims that Azam’s fiancée is a Pakistani woman who lives in Lahore.
  • Azam’s family has reportedly declined to comment on the wedding rumors.

Whether or not Babar Azam gets married after the ODI series ends remains to be seen.

However, his purchase of a sherwani and jewelry in India has certainly raised eyebrows and fueled speculation.