Urfi Javed pressed alarm buttons once again by wearing a dress made of thread (watch video)

Instagram News: The current boldest social media sensation and the girl who never disappoints by wearing revealing clothes that reveals so much more than the other Indian models and actresses are revealing right now.

Today Uorfi Javed (Urfi Javed) posted a wearing only thread and no other clothes but just a small panty.

She was wearing only a few threads over her body and covered her chest with her hands to showcase her true beauty that is braless and she also wore a red-rose jura.

Watch Urfi Javed New Dress Video:

She was also wearing a green necklace to match with the Urfi Javed’s green dress which is made of a few threads.

Netizens trolled Urfi Javed dress and said many different words to her on her Instagram video.

This video of Urfi Javed is going viral as she was trying to represent the Indian traditional wedding rituals but she did more than that.

Urfi is one of the hottest and sexiest actress of Bollywood who is posting more than their fans ask them too do.

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