Sydney Sweeney Sizzles in Sheer Givenchy at “Anyone But You” Premiere, Leaving Fans Hot Under the Collar

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Sydney Sweeney, Hollywood’s rising star and queen of red carpet risks, turned heads (and perhaps broke a few thermometers) at the Australian premiere of her new rom-com, “Anyone But You,” on Monday night. Clad in a breathtakingly sheer Givenchy Spring/Summer 2024 ensemble, Sweeney was the epitome of smoldering glamour, proving once again that she’s not afraid to push fashion boundaries and leave jaws on the floor.

The two-piece Givenchy design, masterminded by creative director Matthew M. Williams, was a masterclass in delicate seduction. A draped, flowing top cascaded over Sweeney’s figure, offering glimpses of a strategically placed bralette underneath. The sheer fabric, kissed with the soft moonlight, hinted at the curves it embraced without fully revealing them, leaving much to the imagination and setting pulses racing.

The matching skirt hugged Sweeney’s legs sinuously, ending in a subtle train that danced with her every step. Jimmy Choo platform sandals added an extra touch of leggy allure, while dazzling Givenchy 4G crystal earrings provided the perfect dose of high-wattage sparkle.

Check Sydney Sweeney’s Dress:

But Sweeney’s look wasn’t just about skin and fabric. The makeup, a collaboration with celebrity artist Melissa Hernandez, was a study in soft, romantic glam. Think feathery brows, wispy lashes, and a hint of rose gold shimmer across the lids. The lips, stained with a subtle nude gloss, added a touch of understated sexiness. And finally, the hairstyle – loose, tousled waves framing her face – was the epitome of California cool.

Sweeney’s entire ensemble was a masterclass in owning your confidence and owning the red carpet. It was a far cry from her usual beach bunny aesthetic, showcasing a sultry sophistication that we rarely see from the young star. And while she may not have stuck around for the actual premiere, jetting off with fiancé Jonathan Davino shortly after her red carpet reign, her fashion moment was enough to leave a lasting impression.

“Anyone But You” hits theaters in the US on December 22nd, and if Sweeney’s premiere look is any indication, this rom-com is sure to be sizzling hot. So grab your popcorn, crank up the air conditioning, and prepare to be dazzled by Hollywood’s newest fashion It Girl.

Here are some additional details you might find interesting:

  • The Givenchy ensemble was part of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection, which was inspired by the works of David Lynch.
  • Sweeney’s stylist, Molly Dickson, has also worked with stars like Zendaya and Gigi Hadid.
  • The premiere of “Anyone But You” was held in Sydney, Australia, Sweeney’s namesake city.