After A Video Leak Scandal Rabi Pirzada Said Goodbye To Showbiz

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Rabbi Pirzada, singer and actress announced her departure from the showbiz industry of Pakistan.

She has decided to go for Umrah.

According to social media sources, Rabi Pirzada is suffering from severe depression these days and after consulting with friends, she has decided to pay Umrah and in the next few days, she will start preparing travel documents.

Here’s the official Tweet:

Tweet reads: میں رابی پیرذادہ شوبز سے کنارہ کشی اختیار کرتی ہوں ۔ اللہ تعالیٰ میرے گناہوں کو معاف کرے۔ اور میرے حق میں لوگوں کا دل نر کرے۔
وَتُعِزُ مَن تَشَاء وَتُذِلُ مَن تَشَاء #SaveaSoul

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